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Relax, Reflect, Recharge

Živa Dvoršak

September 7, 2021

We set goals and make plans for one practice, one week, one period, one season, and a whole Olympic cycle. With the Paralympic Games coming to an end, we’re also ending “the big cycle”. What comes next? Reward your efforts with three big Rs: Relax, Recharge, and Reflect. 


When you’re approaching important competitions, your peaks of the season, you’re in your final stages of practice, giving it all to be fully prepared. And when it’s all over, it’s crucial for your physical, mental, and emotional state to hold your horses, to give it a break. To rest. You’ve earned it. Even though you think you don’t need to pause and that you’re still excited and eager to do more work, I still encourage you to stop and listen to what’s happening. Usually, it takes a few days (or even weeks!) for the body and mind to stop working at a full pace. We might think we still have the power to continue, but we’re merely going into overdrive. Use this break for other things you love but don’t have the time for during the competition period. Use this time to be with your close ones. You deserve it, and they deserve it, too.

Relaxing on the grass looking at beautiful orange skies


The resting period is also the perfect time to turn your gaze inward. In a rested state, you may see situations in a strange new light – what an excellent opportunity to explore new ideas, new approaches. Reflect on how your season progressed – reflect on your goals, training methods, and concepts. Go through the beginning chapters in your Shooting Notes. Has anything changed in your goals, your routines, your techniques, and your mental state? Think about what new approaches you have used and how you can continue using them. The answers will give you the outline for the next season. Write them down, set new goals, and make new plans for achieving them! In order to grow and develop, it’s essential to be able to know, interpret, and be aware of where you are, where you came from, and where you are going. That’s why reflection is so important. Browse through your entries in your Shooting Notes, scroll through the pictures from competitions, wipe the dust from your medals and trophies, replay the good moments again and really take time to appreciate how far you’ve come!

Stunnin evening view from the Šebrelje Plateau, Slovenia.


When you’re all done, put on your sneakers and start with strength and conditioning training! Make them intense and try out new ideas and approaches you couldn’t do during the competition period. Your body will be grateful when you return to the range. Not only will you feel rested, but you will also have the power to continue where you left off and thus step further at a quicker pace.


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