Shooting Notes Q&A

Sonja Benčina

May 5, 2022

You are welcome to browse through a selection of questions we received since we published Shooting Notes. The answers will hopefully help you decide to try it out for yourselves!

Is this just an empty notebook?

No! Shooting Notes contain a tutorial on how to set your goals, mark your settings, prepare for the competitions, describe your shooting routines, and, most importantly, write your shooting analysis. The remaining 150 pages are ready-made forms that you can fill out after every practice/competition. This provides structure and speeds up your development.

Shooting Notes in all languages arranged in a wreath

Are Shooting Notes for younger shooters only?

No! Although its comprehensive style and simple vocabulary make it easy for the younger shooters and beginners to the sport to use Shooting Notes, they are also perfect for those who are new to writing their own shooting analysis as well as those who simply wish to have their notes better structured. Our users include junior shooters as well as world-class legends such as Océanne Muller, Lucas Kozeniesky (Team Winning Solutions), Ginny Thrasher, Borna Petanjek, Étienne Germond, Ivana Maksimović, Tomoyuki Matsuda, Michael Johnson, and Sanja Vukašinović.

Why bother writing?

Writing is more than merely recording facts and statistics. Writing by hand improves cognition, aids memory recall, and helps you reach your goals. Shooting Notes guide you to choose the right words in order to develop mentally and technically. Not to mention that you are building your own shooting archive! For more, read our Practical Pointer on writing by hand.

I want to write but don’t know what.

No worries, we’ve got you covered! An introductory chapter in the Shooting Notes together with the ready-made forms to fill out after every practice will provide plenty of inspiration. Also, they will guide you away from the negative self-criticism that hinders your development. See how Živa described her progress when she began writing the right way.

How long can I use one notebook?

Of course this depends on the amount of practice you have. However, for an average shooter with three practices per week, the notebook should last at least one shooting season, but more likely two.

Which disciplines do Shooting Notes cover?

The notebook is appropriate for all shooting disciplines! It is broad enough to cover all the basics but allows enough room so that you have place for the more specialised notes. If you shoot two or more disciplines, we recommend a notebook for each so that you can fill out the introductory chapters with goals and settings for each individual discipline. This will also allow for a better overview of your work.

Where can I get a copy?

We have a few regional distributors.

Etienne Germond
 Sport Shooting Depot
Germany: Deutsche Schützenbund (DSB), TK Shooting Equipment
Chinatsu Gambill, Schiess Japan NSKR-Inventions Co.,Ltd
 Ibergrips Castilla, S.L.
the Kiisk family
R.D. d.o.o.

And we ship all over the world! Visit our webstore.

Do clubs get a discount?

Yes! Join the many clubs that are already using Shooting Notes as part of their regular practice and send us an inquiry.

Can I expect Shooting Notes to be translated into more languages?

Provided that we get interested distributors and engaged shooters, why not! For now, the notebook is available in English, French, German, Japanese, Slovenian, and Spanish.
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