Aiming Art's TOP 3 Shooting Practical Pointers

Sonja Benčina

Sep 5, 2022

Striving to provide our readers with one quality content piece per month, we have reached a total of 20 Practical Pointers with our last post on active rest! The shooting topics we cover are varied and range from physical and mental preparation of an athlete to historical overviews of the shooting sport. We try to make our Practical Pointers interesting to complete beginners who are yet to dive into this complex world and to those who are proud to call themselves masters, while coaches and other supporting staff are welcome to use them as a resource to complement their routines. Do you want to know which of our posts reached the largest audience? Here’s our TOP 3 Practical Pointers.

In one of Aiming Art’s first Practical Pointers, our great supporter and shooting friend Rajmond Debevec reflects on how he started taking notes and never stopped. With a career spanning over 50 decades, 115 medals from the highest-level competitions, and 3 Olympic medals, he now has a whole library of notebooks – including Shooting Notes. For his reasons on why it is important to write a shooting journal – read more here.

Rajmond Debevec writing shooting analysis into his performance log

Load, aim, fire. Easy. But is it really? How many more steps are there, visible and hidden, in-between those three basic ones? Is it important to (consciously) know them and why or why not? While each shooter might and will, through time, design a different shot routine, it is the one thing he or she has control of even during the times of extreme competition stress. It is the one thing to keep focus on and push through. Read more.

portrait of a boy with air rifle

Our guest writer Kristina Kiisk tackles an exercise dreaded by beginner and advanced shooters alike – dry firing. How come a drill that is so tedious and boring can be so beneficial to an athlete? What are the advantages of dry firing? Is there any way we can make our bodies and minds endure it more easily? Read more about this early-season classic and learn how to transform it from boredom to benefit.

A female shooting coach talks to the athlete
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