Shooting Dice


Introduce fun to the shooting range with Shooting Dice!
This innovative set of 6 dice includes 5 different shooting games to add to your practice. Suitable for 1 player or an entire group, aged 7+. Can be played either by rifle or by pistol shooters and the games are easily adaptable to every level of shooting skill so the athletes of different skill levels can enjoy practicing together.

Let Shooting Dice decide your practice. Chose one of five shooting games included in the pouch, throw the dice, and let luck set the difficulty of your training. The dice will hone endurance, concentration, focus, sight corrections, and much more – all while competing with yourself or against other shooters.

From the range, you can take the set away to competitions and enjoy playing different dice games off the range to relax with your shooting friends. Suitable for games like Yahtzee, Farkle, etc.

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  • FOR 1 to unlimited players
  • Suitable for rifle and pistol shooters of all skill levels
  • AGES 7+
  • INCLUDES: Six (6) 6-sided dice, pouch, instruction sheet for 5 different shooting games
  • WEIGHT: 35 g


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